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How Could... Questons and Answers

How Could...... a user contributed collection of common and not-so-common questions and answers.

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How could air pollution be reduced
How could i run faster
How could erase my facebook account
How could pmi be removed
How could have 911 been prevented
How could access to justice be improved
How could iud fail
How could update my android phone
How could kfc make boneless chicken
How could we know that we are pregnant
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How could nibiru support life July 12th 2017 02:52
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How could hate cause the destruction of the world March 14th 2017 17:05
hate could destroy the world because it could make other people hate each other which could make it so everyone hates each other
How could apes take over the world March 13th 2017 11:51
Apes can take the world
Well I'm only thirteen but, I have a pet Chimpanzee (Yes I do have a permit) and he is pretty damn smart sometimes I think he is planning something and yes just to add flair I gave him those colors contacts blue to exact with human like eyes I decided to teach him sign language he started to show signs of I.Q. change and he wanted to see where he came from and that's when I got scared.
How could india in the 1800s be described January 23rd 2017 20:24
How would India in the 1800s be described
How could trusts purchase a senate seat January 5th 2017 21:16
You're almost in a trance. Your hands are completely automated, rubbing across Ash's gut. You ignore her moans, although they don't seem to be in protest. "A-ah...oh, God, Anon...nngh..." One of your hands drifts lower, down towards her crotch. Your fingers find their way to the metallic button on her jeans. Pop! Her belly shifts slightly, having more room to settle. You pull down her zipper as well, giving a little more breathing room. Ash sighs in relief. "Ah...that's...much better..." Your cheeks grow warm as you get an idea. You carefully take her belly in both hands, gripping it softly from the sides. You slowly lean down, planting a soft kiss just above her navel. Ash squirms a bit. "Ah! T-that tickles..."
future funk
How could hfacs be both reactive and proactive October 12th 2016 23:20
i dont know
i need this answer
How could tsunami danger be reduced June 17th 2016 11:41
tsunami danger reduced
how could tsunami danger be reduced
How could maitre malandain be best described June 13th 2016 16:49
its easy
Maitre Malandain is bright and an opportunist
lil que
How could dwarf stars be so bright March 13th 2016 21:53
how could dwarf stars be so bright grade 8 sciene
If you are on hereto cheat on you r homework... GET OF AND READ A TEXTBOOK!!!!!
How could transfer payments affect the economy March 11th 2016 15:12
I have no clue
How could workers establish a relationship with the group February 26th 2016 04:07
good underst
good understanding and communication with the group
How could communism work February 15th 2016 00:31
it couldn't
just couldn't
How could hemophiliacs benefit from affinity chromatography January 20th 2016 22:16
How could appeasement be justified January 12th 2016 15:06
idk man fuck hitler
How could biotechnology affect your privacy January 6th 2016 22:32
how can biotechnology affect your privacy?
How could insulating a home save money November 30th 2015 18:58
It makes your home less of a patato
How could kwashiorkor be overcome October 3rd 2015 06:11
I Am A Sex Man
With love
A Sex Man
How could laurionite be separated from the other product September 8th 2015 22:52
How could i speak english fluently July 28th 2015 23:04
how could i speak english
realy I want speak
How could or how can April 26th 2015 10:50
how could/how can
how could for past tense and how can for present. how could can also mean how might we be able to
How could dna be an intelligent molecule April 17th 2015 15:55
You're welcome
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How could tupac still be alive April 16th 2015 18:20
this is how
he is black
How could one enter a higher caste March 24th 2015 20:41
How could robots take over the world March 20th 2015 11:08
Robots could definetly take over the world
ur an fagit
How could yveltal beat xerneas February 27th 2015 02:41
Xerneas is bad of all
How could pikachu lose to snivy January 12th 2015 12:00
bad trainer
Because Ash sucks so hard he can't even make a lv100 pikachu win.
How could jesus be white December 16th 2014 22:32
He's arabic
How could u shove a vagina into a vagina October 7th 2014 18:53
u squeeezzw
How could i join the illuminati September 1st 2014 13:11
through internet
connect me to illuminati through computer
How could volunteers disturb the learning community April 25th 2014 02:49
it is possible for them to interfer
How could the cambodian genocide be prevented March 21st 2014 10:46
well you see I think that it could have been prevented by eating more food and getting fat so no one could move
How could multigene families have arisen April 10th 2013 00:06
How could i gain weight December 1st 2012 04:19
Lol i know how you feel, though ive only been siknny for the last 5 years or so, i started smoking weed thinking the munchies would make me eat more and so gain weight. Yea right! Munchies only last a while and when its gone your back to square one. Im 19, 5.5, and weigh 108 pounds and though the doctors say im healthy BMI i dont look healthy at all. I think the only healthy part of me is my face because its not drawn but other than that i want my bum and boobs back! Hope we make it!
How could potential gdp be restored December 1st 2012 03:34
Economies are in dire sattris, but I can count on this!
How could my husband cheated on me November 30th 2012 22:47
TIME. There are no short cuts so don't try to find them. You won't find them in alcohol, pirytang, or another man's pants. Spend time alone even if you hate to. This will help you re-discover who you are and why you fell for such a jerk. Also, find a friend or local group of divorcees that meet so you can be around others in your situation. Yes you can talk to your married and never-been-married friends/relatives, but they truly have no clue what you're going through. Being around those who do will speed your healing. Make a list of everything you are losing with the end of your marriage (good and bad). Cry over the stuff you'll miss. Feel over excitement over the things you won't. Write a Ball and Chain list. It's like a Bucket List except it's everything you want to accomplish before getting into another relationship which will steal time away from you. Do you want to travel? FInish school? Get in better shape? Attend a dinner party as a single in a room full of couples without f
How could i gain weight fast November 30th 2012 13:13
First of all, most of the people who make fun of you are most lelkiy jealous and wish they had your problem, as most people want to lose weight and not gain, including me My husband on the other hand has been trying to gain weight for the past few weeks. Basically, he has been eating a lot more NOT JUNK but try your best to eat a lot of healthy lean protein (chicken and steak) Try to eat about 6 meals per day, eat a lot of fruit and veggies. Basically, double up on the amount of calories, but watch what you eat You want to try and gain healthy weight and not clog your arteries I would also start working out you can do this at home by doing sit-ups, push ups, jump rope This way your muscles can also grow and you will look healthy instead of just chunky.Ask your parents if they can take you to a nutrition store and see if they have healthy weight gainers usually used by people who lift weights But one serving can have as much as 2000 calories This might be a good route if you